Friday, August 1, 2014

Word Explosion

I don't know what is going on but my Small Human has suddenly become really adventurous with his mimicry and word knowledge. Just this morning he has said "more", "ya ya", "kick", "did it", and "meow". This is just bananas to me and I'm so proud and excited by it!

He understands pretty much everything we say, but so far he has only been saying maybe 15 words total, 12 consistently. Maybe he's finally gaining more confidence in himself, or has figured out that that is what he's supposed to do, who knows.

It's that look of pride in his eyes that really gets me. He just knows that he's doing something cool and new. Everything is cool and new to him, which I am really envious of. That innocence and awe is better and more intense than any feel good Tom Hanks movie I've ever seen has made me feel.

As cheesy as it sounds, becoming a mom has been the best thing that has ever happened to me. Mind you, I'm saying this on a day that I didn't have to clean up any germy bodily fluids from places they shouldn't be, had to scrub nearly indelible stains off the walls (yet), or retrieved 7000 toys thrown off the balcony (yet). It's a happy Friday and I'm just gonna roll with it.

Here in Seattle we've got the Blue Angels in store for us, along with a haircut and massage, and beaching! Have a wonderful August weekend!

He's been such a snugglebug the last few days. Must be more teeth, as evidenced by the finger biting.

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