Monday, July 7, 2014

Momie Weekend

The last weekend of June was Brendan's weekend, and so this past weekend was mine. What this means is we each get baby-free time. I have been feeling really burned out the last two weeks, I was tired of my beautiful son. It doesn't matter how much you love your children, you need to get away from them and have time for yourself. This weekend hasn't been 100% baby-free, but it was a solid 65%.

As long as I'm not reading Dr. Seuss aloud on loop, salvaging a lip balm that Noah mashed into the dining table, or dealing with a day of non stop whining, I'm good. I love helping Small Human learn all about life but I'm not a mommy machine, and I am physically incapable of keeping it up 24/7.

So what did I get up to? I baked cupcakes for a 4th of July party on Friday; went for a massage on Saturday and went on a nice, quiet coffee date with myself; relaxed at home then went for a seriously lovely dinner date with a mommy friend; On Sunday I went to the hair salon for some balayage, girl chat and tea detox; then painted my toes in the afternoon on the balcony while Noah napped.

It's a bit less fun having to clean up after taking some time off for a few Mommy Days, (I found a scary old cheese string stuck in between the couch cushions) but it's better than the alternative! All in all, it was a great weekend with mostly good weather, and I feel more equipped to take on the new week. We're kicking it off with some playground and wading pool fun first thing in the AM. Happy Monday, stay safe in that summer sun!

My rambunctious Sunday lunch date

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