Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Oot and OOTD

A really interesting thing about Small Human's upbringing is that he is being raised in America by two Canadians. I don't see this turning him into something drastically different from his friends, but it is sure to add a different flavour.

Noah's latest words are "milk" and "out". He pronounces it "mak" and "owt" or "ott". The word "out" is particularly hilarious for us because it's one of our stereotypical Canadian identifier words. Allegedly we sound like we are saying "oot", but really we're just saying it the right way. ;)

I am curious to see how Noah's accent turns out if we stay in Seattle. Part of me hopes he sounds Canadian forever but I know that will disappear once he goes to school. Still, I was raised by Filipino parents and there are a handful of words that I pronounce like them.

Different cultures and influences are so beautiful and awesome, and one more step towards bringing down unnecessary boundaries and prejudices. Stay cool and happy, folks. I predict it will get to 90 degrees (32 Celsius) in our apartment today, yikes!

Noah's Outfit of the Day: Paddington Bear and the Toronto Blue Jays!

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