Friday, July 25, 2014

Fur Babies

When anyone in my household is sick, I worry. Alright, maybe worry is an understatement. I freak out, turn into a heart-racing, sweaty stressball with furrowed eyebrows, and hover obsessively over the sick family member. I have tried not to do this but it's kind of unavoidable.

Right now, my little girl bunny Tidbit, isn't feeling well and I feel like my world has just been turned upside down. Pets are like babies for the entire time they are with us. They don't grow up or get that much smarter. They don't suddenly decide that you're not cool, or move out of the house when they're old enough. Pets are your babies forever until they die.

Also it is impossible to administer any sort of medical aid to your pets when you have an insane, laughing toddler trying to climb you or grab the rabbit, so that definitely adds to the stress. The hyper toddler is asleep now though, so Tid and I are free to relax and try to get better. She's not eating, but I gave her a gentle belly massage and some bunny pain reliever, and I'm about to force feed her some water right now.

My poor little, white fluffball is covered in her own pee, which is breaking my heart. I'm off to be bunny nurse, but I'd really appreciate any positive thoughts sent our way. Have a good weekend, xoxo

Eating waffles...

...and then applauding himself for using the fork.

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