Monday, July 14, 2014

Baby Brain Overload

I think it's true when they say kids go through a sleep regression when they are learning and mastering new things. It could be the heat, or this skill mastering that is making my baby resist sleep. He's not into napping anymore, even though he used to nap on schedule from 12:30 to 3. He refuses to go to bed even though he's yawning, rubbing his eyes and is the mayor of crankypants town. It took me an hour to get him down last night. Where is my easy sleeper of a baby?! As he was falling asleep he was whispering "out... milk... out...", which only reinforces my suspicions about the skill mastering.

Yesterday's nap time was just as intense as bedtime, with lots of sweaty crying, fighting to keep eyes open, and physical resistance of lying down. Just as he fell asleep and I wanted to whoop for joy over my victory, I detected a foul smell coming from his butt. He had pooped. I looked at Brendan, feeling defeated and panicked, but went to work defusing the bomb like a hero in an action movie. I thoroughly cleaned up a huge, poopy diaper without ever waking the baby. I felt like a pro-star.

After a taxing weekend of sleep struggles, Monday morning we were treated to a past 10am baby wake up. I was so happy I could cry! For several minutes after we got up, Brendan and I just stood there staring lovingly at our baby son who was still asleep in his crib. It's when he's asleep or happy that I feel like I can appreciate his existence to the fullest, not because I've forgotten all the hard parts, but because we lived through those hard parts together and can recognize and revel in the peace.

Happy Monday, I wish you all a happy and peaceful (but still fun) week.

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