Thursday, July 10, 2014

Creating a Person

I am a worrier. If I'm not completely rested, relaxed, fed, and hydrated, I turn into a stressball when things get a little intense. This is my normal, so you can imagine how that amped up after I found out I was pregnant with the little Blastocyst that was Noah. (No Lindsay, I am not pregnant again) I have not been worry-free since.

The concerns constantly change and evolve, at first you worry about things like taking the right prenatal vitamins for your unborn child. Later you worry if they're getting enough to eat each time you nurse. Then you worry about your baby hitting all the milestones, if they're rolling over when they should be, sitting up when they should be, and talking when they should be.

Once you've successfully passed each stage they always seem easy and simple in hindsight, and the next set of hurdles look even bigger and more challenging. Right now we're in the "OMG if we don't get this right he could turn into a bad person" stage. I am almost certainly overreacting, but it's pretty evident that we're at a point where our actions definitely have a consequence on his behaviour. The way we react and what we react to are shaping him, and the things he sees us do daily are influencing him.

It's both scary and incredible. Our Small Human copies everything we do and he's a little 17 month old! I am constantly underestimating him and what he can understand because his brain is growing faster than I can comprehend, apparently.

So far he is shaping up to be a great housekeeper. He knows how to put his toys away, he throws things in the garbage (like my stray hair), he mops up spills with a paper towel, loves to vacuum, and wants to "cook" so badly! Of course he has also learned to wag his finger at me and give me a stern look while shaking his head. What do you expect, when you live with a mimic?

The lesson I have learned is that worrying is exhausting, and I have lots of things in a day to exhaust me already, might as well cut the worry out. Now excuse me while I do one million things now that Noah's asleep. Enjoy your Thursday.

Showing me how to file nails

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