Tuesday, February 4, 2014

My Monday

I know that I have laid out a general daily schedule before, and kinda tell you what I get up to every day, but I thought I'd be really specific and break down a regular old boring day without social engagements. Every day is important. I'm not trying to be witty or funny, it just is what it is, and it's not an instruction manual on how to live your life as the SAHM of a one year old.

What I Did on Monday:

9am: Wake up, Brendan pours me a cup of coffee. I sit at the breakfast table with the boys and help Noah eat his breakfast.

9:30: I clean up the kitchen, wash the dishes, wipe down the table and high chair while Noah drinks water, plays and "reads".

9:45: Finish up my coffee and message some friends on FB.

10am: I play with/sing/dance/hug/kiss Small Human. He has a poop. We brush our teeth.

10:15: Bath time, singing, moisturization time, change of clothes.

10:30: We read a book, pet Toby, I sing and Noah falls asleep at 10:45.

10:45: I wash my face, put on some BB cream and highlighter, curl my lashes. Mascara. I clean my earrings cause they've lost their sparkle.

11am: I eat leftovers for "brunch", and make a to do list. I spray down the kitchen counters and mop floor.

11:15: A package arrives and I put things away and get the recycling ready to go out.

11:30: Reply to Brendan's email about forgetting his glasses at home. I can't find them anywhere.

12pm: Found the glasses and Small Human has woken up. Diaper change. He eats various lunch foods.

12:30: I try to trick Small Human into sitting still while I trim his nails because he just scratched the crap out of my leg with his deadly fingernails that I just trimmed on Friday. He makes up for his squirminess by giving me kisses over and over!

12:45: I put proper clothes on to go out while Noah plays with the yoga ball in the bedroom and steals my foot cream off the nightstand. I give my ponytail a quick comb through, and get Noah dressed for the semi cold Seattle day. Small Human clucks like a chicken, we giggle.

1pm: We are finally out of the house even though I had to go back twice to get my sunglasses, and then the recycling I had prepared.

1:15: We walk to the park and it is SO windy and freezing that we head up to the post office instead to mail out packages.

1:30: Go to Walgreens to run errands. (toothpaste, AAA batteries, etc)

1:45: Go to the grocery store to buy organic carrots with tops for the bunnies, and ingredients for dinner tonight. (open faced hamburgers I saw on Pinterest)

2pm: Stop by Starbucks for a much needed iced caramel macchiato. Visit my favourite baristas on earth. Noah's starting to look drowsy.

2:10: We head over to the other big grocery store because they have the sparkling juice I like. I buy the name brand and generic brand to test the difference since the name brand is two whole dollars more expensive.

2:15: I manage to avoid crazy people yelling on the street and head home.

2:20: I get the stroller laden with stuff up 8 steps into the apartment, pop Small Human out who has fallen asleep clutching a Mum-Mum, get him out of his coat and hat and into his crib to nap.

I briefly worry that he has hypothermia because he hasn't gone down that easily for a second nap in weeks.

2:30: Put away the groceries and the stroller. Check the mail. Wash the pot I had soaking in the sink. Dust living room.

2:45: Start writing this blog post, simultaneously message some friends, have my third glass of water for the day.

3pm: Put new batteries in Noah's microphone toy that he has played with to death. (Thanks Tita Nini!) Pick up all of Small Human's toys and books and put them away.

3:15: Lay Valentine cards out on the table. Hopefully get a few done. Put away dishes. Water orchids. Try on the shoes that just arrived in the mail. I think I'm exchanging them, but Zappos is awesome so it'll be easy.

3:40: Realize that I am starving to death and make myself a sandwich. I also plan to eat a cupcake.

3:45: Noah wakes up, starts violently screaming until I dance and sing when I come to get him. Diaper change.

3:50: Noah steals my peanut butter sandwich. I try to get it back by offering him vegan food snacks. It works. We snack in peace. I play some jams on Pandora.

4:15: I run the dishwasher and Noah makes out with it and starts to drum on it with a pot lid, I take the pot lid away and give him a drumstick. He is cool with the switcheroo. We have some milk and sing songs and dance for a while until he gets bored with me and plays with Tidbit.

He plays independently throughout the house for 45 minutes until he poops. Bugging Tid; visiting the dishwasher; playing with his reflection in the oven door; reading his library books; sitting in and standing on his chair; looking out the balcony doors at the people and cars and birds; All the while, talking and laughing to himself and to me, and playing music on his microphone that he must've missed while it was out of batteries.

Meanwhile I blog, message friends, pin some things on Pinterest. I change his poopy diaper, which is really yogurt-y. His diaper pail is getting full but I'm going to push it another day.

5pm: I start thinking about dinner, re-read the recipe and execution, modify recipe. Recipe is making me hungry, so I have another snack. Start second guessing my dinner choice and consider just going to Dick's Drive-In.

5:10: Throw the towels in the washing machine. We head out for a short walk in the remaining sunshine because Noah is bored and has started to do all the things he isn't supposed to do, like touch my bicycle, pull out plugs, and pour water over himself and momie.

5:30: We are back home because it was freezing cold outside. I turn on the tv and put some Doctor Who on in the background while we read Small Human's favourite books of the moment. Noah dances to the opening music, imitates Donna Noble's noises.

6pm: Dinner time for Small Human, change into pajamas, he farts and laughs hysterically, then more independent play while I throw the laundry in the dryer and get dinner ready. I always feel a bit anxious when trying a recipe for the first time.

6:45: Noah gets his night bottle, starts a game of  "Chase Me Momie" while I cook.

7pm: Noah begins to get whiny and clingy. I stop cooking and snuggle with my babe, brush his teeth, put on a night diaper (his old one was poopy!), nearly break the diaper pail cause it's full. Reluctantly change the bag, while Noah cries because I've stopped paying attention to him. I stick him in his sleep sack.

I turn down all the lights, turn off the tv, we read 3 books. I hold him close to my heart, sing some French lullabies, tell him good night and he goes to sleep.

7:20: I turn the tv back on, clean up the living room which is littered with toys and books.

7:25: Return to the kitchen. The cipolline onions I attempted to caramelize have mostly been charred. Blerg. At least the recipe didn't call for it, I was just being fancy. Put the hamburgers in the oven.

7:45: The open faced burgers are amazing. Glad I modified the recipe to make it my own. Add heirloom tomatoes and a bit of mayo before serving and it's perfection!

8pm: Brendan comes home. We chillax and hang out until we've digested. He loves the open faced burgers!

9:45pm: Attempt P90X. Brendan breaks a water glass.

10pm: P90X disappeared from our hard drive. We do random free P90X 35 minute workout on Youtube.

10:15: Noah wakes up cause we're being loud about the ab exercises. Pause P90X for 5 minutes.

11pm: I swore I would make at least one Valentine, but I am now nauseous and sleepy. Will shower in the morning instead, too tired now.

11:05: brush teeth, exfoliate face, bed. Finish post.

Exeunt. Scene. 


  1. I LOVED reading about the details of your day! I am really wondering what the reality of having a baby and being a stay-at-home wife is really going to be like. I'm really OCD at times and have monuments daily to-do lists. I'm trying to come to terms with that not happening anymore...

    1. Thanks! That's really reassuring to hear, because unlike an office job, you never stop being a mom/wife, and I don't think a lot of people understand how difficult it can be. I have a hard time not completing tasks as well, but honestly, exhaustion and not enough hours in a day will get you in the end sometimes. ;) You just have to do your best and not be too hard on yourself. (I am soooooo hard on myself!) But I also drink a lot of coffee... hehe