Saturday, February 1, 2014

It Caught Up To Me

The stress of being a stay at home mom has finally caught up to me. I think the last straw was reading yet another blog post by a mommy blogger about how mundane life as a mom is. I find this really insulting, because I try really hard every day. Some people might not find it as fun or rewarding, but I do.

Only now I'm starting to feel like my life sucks. I'm tired. I'm tired of cleaning up after people. I'm tired of digging out dried, caked on food from the crevices of a high chair. I used to love cleaning. I'm tired of Small Human fighting his sleep. I'm tired of organizing and putting things away. I'm tired of cooking and washing dishes. I'm tired of trying to figure out why my baby is whining and how I can help him be happy again.

I am just sick of it and now I feel like a bad person because I'm supposed to be grateful that I have all of these things, because this is just life.

People mistakenly believe that I somehow have all the time in the world to do things for myself and everyone, and that my life is easy breezy. I guess it just looks like all I do is hang out with a cute baby all day long, but that is not all that being a mom to a one year old entails.

Most of the time, I try to be positive about motherhood, because I really do love it. I just wish other people could be just as positive.

It can be wonderful but it can also be very difficult. I think I need a break. "But what about that 90 minute deluxe facial you had the other day?" <---- I think I need more than 90 minutes, just sayin'.


  1. being a stay at home mommy is probably one of the hardest jobs with no appreciation. I TOTALLY understand! I moved from Toronto to Edmonton and being a stay at home mom with no family around is hard. But i come to realize that i just can't do everything, and thats okay!

    1. You're absolutely right, Mimi. It can be hard doing what we do because there isn't any immediate appreciation or recognition for all the hard work we put in. I don't expect parades thrown in my honour or anything, but I kinda wish people wouldn't mock the stay at home moms, or downplay our roles in the lives of these little people that we love!