Thursday, February 13, 2014

I Love My Neighbourhood

It feels like day one million and one that I've been sick now and I'm tired of being cooped up, so Small Human and I went for walk. It was a warm and sunny day in Seattle, I opened up all the windows in the apartment to let the fresh, spring air in, then headed out for a walk in the neighborhood.

We needed to pick up a few things, but mostly I wanted us to breathe in some clean Seattle air. The air here is different from back home, it's more refreshing somehow. Then we stumbled upon this gem of a sign!

A Doctor Who themed sandwich board? We have the funnest neighbourhood evarrr! Seriously, we have some interesting characters up on the hill, it seems boring until you live here and get to witness the ridiculousness.

We've got a health food store right around the corner from us that I haven't decided if I love or despise. It's great for the plethora of natural products and vitamins and even letterpress paper products, randomly, but it's staffed by characters straight out of Portlandia. Every time I go in there looking for something specific, I am met with a blasé standoffishness that is incredibly annoying. "We don't carry them anymore because you can find that brand at any drugstore or even Safeway now." Oh Capitol Hill.

Noah's been feeling like his usual self again, getting into everything and being a silly monkey. I spent most of the afternoon recording his antics. It freaks me out how fast he's growing and I know I'm gonna miss this so much, so I'm trying to enjoy it as much as I can.

Sometimes he climbs in the drawer

He didn't fall, he's lounging with his best friend, the pizza tray.

My baby is so weird. After this he started singing karaoke. I love him. That is all. :)

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