Monday, February 17, 2014

Fake vs. Real

As a mommy blogger, I have chosen to make most of my family life open to the public. I try my best to be very genuine and honest about my day to day life, and I certainly don't try to make myself look perfect. Alternately, just because you complain all the time, it doesn't make you more real, just real annoying. Same goes for the perpetually positive people.

I find that mommy bloggers usually fall into two categories: The ones that make it seem like life is all about making pancakes together as a family while wearing the cutest outfits, and laughing happily in sepia tone; and the seemingly angry ones who try too hard to be funny and make it seem like life is too hard to live, so-hooray-that-they-kept-their-kid-alive-and managed-to-make-dinner-give-them-a-medal.

I don't think I am either of these moms. Life is a delicate balancing act, after all. I try to keep things mostly positive, and I definitely swear a lot less in my posts than I would in real life, but I try to be respectful of you as readers. I also try not to be too self-deprecating, because that is a nasty habit of mine that I've been trying to kick but can't seem to.

Now that I think of it, I guess this probably makes for a pretty boring blog, but I figure, the people in between the extremes need a voice too. So to those of you who have gotten it into your heads that I am some kind of awesome super mom, I surely am not. I feel proud of my accomplishments, but I also have days where I feel like I suck at life. Honestly, life feels like I am just getting things done before the buzzer goes off. I enjoy sharing my successes and challenges with you, and maybe trading tips and tricks for making things a bit easier.

I have the same insecurities you have, the same pressures, the same complaints. Plus, it's not about looking like you're an awesome mother, it's about being one to your kid. If you have happy children who are learning and growing and having fun, then I think it's safe to say that you are an awesome mommy.

Happy President's Day and Family Day to everyone!

Look how AWESOME we are, running errands at Ikea. Ya, no.

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