Thursday, February 6, 2014

My Crappy Parent Moment

I really wanted to go to the big parade to welcome the Seahawks home and celebrate their Super Bowl victory on Wednesday morning. Seattle just happened to get a cold snap, and in the Pacific Northwest a cold snap means temperatures around the freezing point. I know, everyone else just laughs at us for that, what with your huge snow and ice storms this winter. But seriously, for us, that is ridiculous and unheard of.

Being from Quebec, I'm aware of how to dress for extreme cold weather. I thought I was dressing Noah properly in:

a night diaper for extra absorbency
sleeveless undershirt onesie
short sleeved onesie
high collared sweater to cover his neck
winter coat with hood
hat with ear flaps
cotton socks
wool socks
fleece mittens
Seahawks jersey

That all seems fine, right? Well, we started to walk downtown at 10:25, got there at 10:50, met up with some friends and headed for the parade. It was intense. The energy, not the cold. Everyone was so happy and many in the crowd were pretty baked since marijuana is legal in Washington state. There was plenty of cheering, chanting and crazypants loud music. I'm glad we brought headphones cause Noah slept from home all the way downtown and through the loud music.

Anyway, it was a rush and you could just feel the emotions in the air! The parade was supposed to start at 11, but by 11:30 nothing had happened as far as we could tell. We were a few blocks from the start of the parade, but not too far. By 11:40 my toes started to go numb. If my toes were numb, what about tiny little Noah??

This is when Noah started to squirm and whine. He didn't want a bottle, or snacks, or to be held, or to be on the ground. Then he started to cry real tears and scream. My Small Human isn't like this in public (anymore) which meant something was wrong.

Naturally, my first thought was, "Oh shitty shit, I let the baby get frostbite!". I tried to hide my panic, and my sweet friend Robyn obliged my immediate need to be indoors. As soon as we stepped inside, Noah was fine. I was freezing him! :(

When I took his mittens off, I just about stood up and rushed to the hospital because his little baby hands were purple. PURPLE. I warmed them between my hands and he was fine within minutes, snacking on cheesies, running around with Carmen and wreaking havoc at the Washington Athletic Club. I still felt like I won the Loser Mommy of The Year Award and it's only the beginning of February.

I know the grandparents are probably horrified reading this right now, but he's fine! He's alive, he's happy, he does not have frostbite.

We still had a great day, despite the constant baby setbacks that occur when you try to go out and actually you know, do things.

Before the havoc-wreaking

Enjoying the basketball court

Brushing out all that hat hair. He got the hang of it later the same afternoon . :)

See? He's fine.

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