Thursday, February 27, 2014

All You Need Is Sun

Wednesday was all kinds of awesome and it all started with the sun. We had sunshine, for one thing, which set off a chain reaction: I was happy that is wasn't grey and rainy; I woke up early-ish; the boys were also in good spirits; since it was dry out, I could curl my hair; we met up with friends for an early lunch, talked to some chickens and went for a nice walk; my internet got fixed; my baby stopped whining (the only minor glitch of the day) and became a snugglebug again; general happiness over all.

It's definitely a much better week health-wise than the last, but I wish these molars would hurry up and show themselves. I'm not a fan of using baby ibuprofen, but I'm no fool, a happy baby = a happy momie, and also happy patrons of (insert name of cafe/restaurant/store here).

Le Petit Human is still too little to do any real crafting of his own, except I thought I'd try stickers out on him. I wanted to get him crayons, but at the store he got so excited that he already started to put them in his mouth, so I guess we're not quite ready for that yet. He did like the stickers though, he licked each one before trying to flick them onto the paper. Of course, I helped to press them on, he's only 13 months old after all. ;)

Oh, and the baby boom has begun! Our friends Wendy & Steven just welcomed their beautiful little (big) boy Oliver, last night! 9lbs 4oz, and a fast labour to boot. Bad ass. Congratulations you guys!

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