Friday, January 31, 2014

Cow Milk Drinker

We have achieved cow's milk drinking status here at the Wilson household! Thank god, cause formula is really freaking expensive. Only now I have no idea how to go about giving him beverages while we are out.

Do they just drink water and eat regular food? Is milk just for home?  I am not about to carry a cooler in my already heavy and gigantic purse, thank you very much.

I really hope that nursing will be easier the second time around, because we've spent hundreds of dollars on formula in the last 6 months. However, I would've paid a thousand dollars for the peace of mind it gave me, since I had no more excruciatingly painful plugged ducts.

Time really seems to be racing by. Small Human uses a cup now, along with his bottles. Every time I lay eyes on him he looks taller. One day, he won't be my baby anymore. He'll be a big man, who lives far away with his family somewhere.


As usual, I am getting ahead of myself. I need to breathe, live in the moment, and remember that our next step is learning how to sit in a Noah-sized chair without falling on one's face. We're still, thankfully, far from his college years. Right??

Have a lovely weekend everybody, and happy February!

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