Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Baby Besties

Our good friends, the Bakris are in town for a quick visit! We are pretty excited because Oliver is Noah's very first bestie. They were pretty shy with each other at first, but quickly warmed up to each other and partnered up to create lots of trouble for us mamas in no time.

I was so sad when Nicole and Oliver left Seattle. We lost our favourite neighbours and daily walking partners. It was also sad that Noah no longer had a boy exactly his age to roughhouse with. They were hilarious together on Monday afternoon! They seem to be well-matched in terms of skill level and curiosity. Brendan's going to be babysitting both boys tonight while we have a girls night out, which should make for a very entertaining story later, to be sure.

They were SO CUTE together, but they're both such busy bodies that it was impossible to get a clear shot of their extreme cuteness. Oh man, I love these boys! Stay tuned for the adventures of Oliver & Noah!

Long lost buddies!

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