Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Sick Mini

My little boy is burning up and it's all my fault. I gave him whatever it is that I have, and now he's just lying on me, happy but kinda lethargic. It's so sad! He doesn't have a high fever, just a mild one, but it's enough to change his behaviour. I love that he's a snugglebug but I hate that he's running a temperature.

I gave him some Infant Advil, and today pretty much consisted of lounging, watching Sesame Street, napping together, laughing at each other, and eating. Sounds great in theory, except I was coughing like a TB patient (no I don't actually have Tuberculosis), and both of us had some seriously runny noses. If Noah starts coughing, my heart will break, so I'm crossing all my fingers and toes that he doesn't. I'm starting to feel better at least.

Once again, we were responsible citizens and stayed inside. If you're sick, for crying out loud, WASH YOUR HANDS OFTEN, and stay home if you can.

Update: Noah woke up at 10:15pm with a fever of 103. :( We gave him some Advil but sleeping was crazy, obviously. Now that it's morning, we are both cranky and not feeling like ourselves. It's gonna be a good day, we both just wanna be left alone.

Hopefully, your day is much better than ours and illness-free!

Quiet playing today

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