Sunday, September 1, 2013


The last 24 hours of our lives have been pretty Jack Bauer-esque. In the grand scheme of things, everything is actually fine. Everyone has their good health, -even the bunnies, and we are not going through any severe financial hardships. So there's that. But nobody in this house has slept or rested much at all, and Brendan and I may have some temporary hearing loss.

We are having a teething and new tricks bonanza in the Wilson household. Noah has been sleeping worse than newborn hours and fighting us at every turn. When he isn't screaming in pain, he's ready to party and stand on anything he can get his little hands up on, or crawl somewhere to get up to no good. It's really adorable and we are so proud, but OMG we also need to sleep, -and so does he!

Somehow, don't ask me how, but we have managed to clean the house, do the laundry, bathe, and cook meals. Well, except for tonight, we caved and had McDonald's because it's my comfort food and I needed it, let me tell you.

I just cannot believe there is anyone out there who actually does this alone. If I didn't have my husband I think I would've died sometime around 5:30am today. If you do it alone, my immensely huge kudos to you! I doff my hat to you, -all my hats that I have ever owned, because you are amazing.

Very early this morning, my husband said something to me that I thought was profound and perfect. He said that in order to have a child, you truly have to leave your own childishness behind, because there just isn't room for it anymore. I love that man more than anything.

It's tough, but it's the parents rite of passage, and I am proud that we are soldiering through it.

Lilibeth out.

Mischievous monkey!

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