Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Travelling With Baby

I hope we get to see Karl the Fog
This coming October we will be flying to San Francisco for our first real family vacation. While I am super stoked cause I've never been, and I have wanted to go since I was little, I am kinda terrified. Noah is a very good natured baby, and we don't have to deal with scary/annoying customs agents at the airport, but the whole process is pretty daunting.

First, there is the sheer amount of stuff that we have to bring just for Noah. You don't really realize and appreciate the comforts of home until you have to leave home behind and all its handy amenities. Then there are the potential dirty looks we will get when the other passengers see a couple with a baby. If you are one of these people, rest assured that the parents of the baby will be way more stressed out and put out then you will be, so give your attitude a rest. (Please and thank you!)

Here is a list of the ridiculous amounts of baby stuff we have to bring with us:

  • a week's worth of diapers and wipes (40 diapers? A packet of 100 wipes?)
  • baby travel crib and sheets, Balthazar Bunny
  • car seat travel bag and car seat
  • travel high chair
  • travel stroller & gate check bag
  • Ergobaby
  • a week's worth of formula, cereal, and food
  • baby bottles, spoons, bibs
  • two sets of clothes for each day plus pajamas
  • sleep sacks
  • baby sunblock, diaper cream(s), shampoo, lotion, soap
  • baby Advil, thermometer, snot sucker
  • an arsenal of baby toys & lightweight books

That is a whole lot of stuff for two people to carry, plus baby, PLUS all of our own things. Although, what's great about the car seat travel bag, is that it serves as Noah's checked baggage (it's free), and a friend of mine suggested that we stuff it with things that we will use when we arrive, like a pack of diapers, blankets, and anything else that you can think of that will fit. Genius!

In case you were wondering, yes, I have already started packing. I like to be prepared! My husband is the kind of guy who packs the morning of, and I am the kind of girl who packs weeks beforehand, go figure.

At the very least, this trip will be kind of a practice run for our big flight home to Toronto over the holidays. (Eeek!!!) He is so mobile and squirmy now, but I'm hoping the novelty of the plane will last until we land.

Do you guys have any air travel tips or tricks for mommies and daddies? Should I just meditate and go with the flow? Should I brush up on earthquake knowledge?? I know, I know, I should stop worrying and just focus on the fun we'll be having as a family. Also, I'm stupidly excited for In-N-Out burgers that it's just abnormal. Look at this beautiful beast, I can't wait:

Oh Animal style, I think we will be fast friends


  1. Try to relax. After doing 2 trips now (with 4 flights each due to layovers), it's not as bad as you think it will be. Surprisingly, most people were very nice and smiled at Ethan. Granted, he ended up being pretty great on the flights (minus that one flight where he pooed right when we started to descend so I couldn't change him), but people were surprised and impressed. Even the one flight he got cranky towards the end, they were all supportive saying how great he was the rest of the flight and how everyone was cranky and ready to get off the plane.

    Personally, I'd buy diapers/wipes/food/formula once you get there. We've done that for every trip and it has been worth it to not take up the space (well not food/formula since don't use them, but I'd still suggest just getting them there). We only brought enough to keep in our carryon in our diaper clutch thing.

    Get some travel size containers for his soaps. Not sure what a travel bag for carseat/stroller is. We just used the plain plastic ones they provided. If you aren't getting a seat for him, check the carseat at the checkin. We preferred to keep the stroller with us because of layovers. Plus, even when we carried him in the Boba, we still could use the stroller for our carryon.

    If he's gonna be in your lap for the flight, if you have a travel size boppy, they are awesome. Ethan just slept most of the flight. My biggest suggestion is to try to time his feeding around takeoff/landing. If you aren't feeding him for that time, give him something to chew or suck on like a pacifier. Feeding/pacifier will help to keep his ears from popping (kinda like how grown ups chew gum). He'll be much less likely to scream the whole flight in pain because he doesn't know what's going on.

    Either bring a toy you know he loves or bring something new that will seem interesting because he's never played with it. Bring a light blanket on the flight in case it's cold and dress him in layers in case it's hot.

    Overall though, just try to stay calm and have a sense of humor if things get bad. If you joke about it, people will be more likely to be understanding than if you get upset/defensive. It helps having a cute baby too. lol

  2. Thank you! Wow, these are all super helpful tips! I kinda wish I was still nursing just for the sheer convenience, but what can ya do. I really do need to relax about it, cause I'm sure Noah will feel my anxiety and get all weird. :/