Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Sick. Boo.

Not the baby, the mommy. Thankfully, the boys aren't sick, but I totally am and it sucks, because stay at home moms can't take sick days. It's not a huge deal, just a cold (with brief low grade fever), but what a horrible joke it is to give me less energy when the baby is gaining more. Noah has been super clingy and very active, and isn't sleeping through the night anymore. Although, he is still a pretty good napper. As I write this, he has been sleeping for a solid two hours. (Halleluja!)

There really is nothing to do but carry on about our day, infusing my intake with extra vitamins and herbs, cause the baby isn't going to take care of himself. I am so thankful for the rabbits right now, since mommy can lie on the couch and Noah can entertain himself by staring at the bunnies lovingly and laughing like a loon when they show off for him.

Today, I will be deliciously lackadaisical about housework. I will only take care of my extremely energetic son as best as I can, and eat well, as per my husband's instructions. Maybe being sick isn't so bad. Who wants to bring me a Starbucks Doubleshot?? :P

Today's (yesterday's) schedule:

Mommy got to sleep in until 10am.

10:30am: Delicious breakfast for mommy and refreshing beverage for baby. Noah tips over and bonks his head on the floor. It bruises. :(

11am-1pm: Nap time for Noah.

1:30pm: Solid food lunch for baby. Poopy diaper change. Screaming. (??)

Rest of the afternoon: Lots of lying down for mommy and crawling and standing and laughing for Noah. Little bit of reading, singing, eating, short walk and latte time for mommy. More screaming at diaper change. Solid food seems to have caused diaper rash. Read everything on the internet about solid food and diaper rash correlation.

5pm-6:40pm: Noah had a ridiculously late nap. Gah. Woke up starving.

7pm-8pm: Cooked dinner with a rugrat attached to my leg. Brendan arrives.

9pm: Baby finally fell asleep after holding on to the coffee table and dancing for 40 minutes while we watched Louie and ate our dinner.

10pm: Zonked parents. Please pass the cold medication. 

When I'm sick, I look like a hipster turtle.

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