Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Leather Anniversary

Today is mine and Brendan's three year wedding anniversary, which is traditionally the leather one. This lends itself to all sorts of awesome dirty jokes, I know. Kidding aside, I feel like these past three years were altogether perfect, difficult, jam packed, and crazy emotional. I couldn't have lived through it without him.

Our wedding was the single most fun wedding I have ever been to. (I realize everyone thinks this of their own wedding!) It was everything that we wanted: urban, dramatic, delicious and a seriously awesome party with a live band, to boot. (Thanks Vince Bertucci!)

Brendan had moved out to Seattle the year before we got married, so we were separated for nine months. It went by quickly because there was a whole wedding to plan, and my whole life to move. Looking back on it, the experience feels like a lifetime ago. I miss Toronto so much: the food, the energy and bustle, but most of all, the people. You know who you are!

Here are some of my favourite shots from our wedding, on September 18, 2010:

I felt like a movie star that day!

The best wedding party EVAR

This is up on our wall

Me and my cute daddy, Noah's namesake.


  1. You look like a movie star!! Your wedding looks stunning. Hope you have a million more happy years together!!:-)
    Nicole x

  2. Nicole! Thank you, you are such a sweet person! Me and Noah miss you and Oli-Oli-Oliver. xo