Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Stroller Conundrum

I didn't always obsessively research baby products, it was born out of my first product purchase mistake. Before Noah was born, we purchased a travel system stroller/car seat combo. It seemed like a good idea and a great deal at the time, but it never occurred to me that things needed to be functional for our lives. I just assumed that all baby products were created equal. I don't completely regret the purchase because the car seat served us well for seven months, was pretty, and lightweight. Our infant car seat was a Graco SnugRide Classic Connect 30.

The stroller it came with was a totally different story. First of all, it was huge! It was also terrible for city walking, because it didn't absorb any shock, so I felt like the baby was getting his brain jostled, and my wrists were killing me after just a couple walks. Then there was the issue of it being so heavy, that pushing it up the hills of Seattle day after day was going to kill me. I guess it could've been good exercise, but I think it would've just made me stay home instead!

The final nail in the coffin was when I tried to put it in the trunk of our car, -and it didn't fit. Granted, we have the smallest trunk in the world, BUT STILL. I put that sucker on Craigslist so fast, and looked for a better option. I knew that I needed something light, pretty, comfortable for both Noah and I, and the best bang for our buck. After much deliberation, we finally settled on the Britax B-Agile in black. I got a great deal on it on Amazon ($179), and it arrived within 36 hours. Amazon Mom Prime, holla!

Why I love the Britax B-Agile:

  • It's light, nimble, and narrow. Perfect for navigating winding city streets
  • Sturdy 5-point harness and easy to use buckle, no re-threading, just a sliding adjuster
  • The huge canopy that protects my baby from sun and rain (mesh window for checking on baby)
  • Folds down super flat and compact, -one-handed
  • Thick padding and great suspension. I don't have to worry about Noah getting whiplash 
  • Reclines all the way back
  • Has a great feature that allows for ventilation on super hot days (in recline position)
  • Easy to use brake, even in sandals it's easy to pop on and off
  • Spacious, easy to access storage basket underneath
  • It's pretty 

I am so in love with this stroller that I bought a cheap umbrella stroller to use for airplane travel, so that my precious B-Agile doesn't get ruined or dirty. We've been using it nearly every day for the last four months, and I couldn't be happier with our purchase. I can even lift it up and down a short flight of stairs with the baby in it!

In short, the Britax B-Agile is a designer stroller without the designer price, and I cannot recommend it enough. It comes in red, blue, purple, green and beige. Since mommy and daddy are coffee drinkers, I also picked up a hanging stroller organizer for $20 that holds two beverages, and even has room for a small wallet, tissues, reusable bags, or whatever you may need.

As for other useful stroller items, my best friend recommended a Mommy Hook for my stroller, that I also find handy for everyday, to hang shopping bags or purses on!

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  1. It's really tough buying baby things now that there are so many choices! Yeah, I think Britax B-Agile is a wise choice. A lot of moms love that, since it's so light and easy to maneuver. Definitely a plus if you love taking walks with your baby.

    Consuelo Nakayama @ TreasureRooms.com