Thursday, September 5, 2013

There's Always Something

Just when I thought we were free of the psychotic wailing of a baby in teething pain, we get hit by something else: Diaper Rash. If you have evaded diaper rash with your babies, I need to hear your secret, because it is seriously breaking my heart. My otherwise happy, playful little man, has puffy, angry red skin on his bottom. He thrashes and screams in pain whenever I change his poopy diaper. He's totally fine as soon as the fresh diaper is fastened, so I know it only hurts when I clean him off. Mommy, however, is left sweaty, heartbroken, and physically and emotionally exhausted. Noah may be small, but he is strong! He kicks and flips and tries to grab his diaper area, which makes it much more of a huge ordeal than it needs to be.

I decided to turn to the internet to find what the problem could be. The Mayo Clinic's website has been a great tool  because it is real medical info, and not just a bunch of crazy people on message boards. Well, it turns out that solid food sometimes causes diaper rash in babies. GREAT.

The Plan of Action

  • Stop using wipes. They sting and only irritate diaper rash further.
  • Use water and dab gently with a baby washcloth to cleanse poopiness.
  • Make sure the area is dry before applying ointment or a diaper. I fan Noah like a baby Pharaoh. 
  • Try to get naked time in as much as possible. Prepare for pee geysers. 
  • Really slather on the diaper cream thickly. We use a German brand called Penaten.
  • Change baby's diaper often. Dab with a wet cloth if there's just pee, reapply cream.
  • Wait and pray that it goes away. (This is where we are)
  • I hear that baking soda in room temperature bathwater helps to remove any burning or stinging, so I'm going to try it this afternoon.*

I think you are supposed to wait at least 4 days, to see if it goes away on its own. If it doesn't, and if the baby has a bit of a fever, I'm going straight to the pediatrician. :( I know it's just diaper rash, but it is seriously stressing me out. I had the craziest skin conditions when I was a kid, and it was torture. I'm glad Noah won't remember this.

Since becoming a parent, I have had a lot of "I never thoughts". I never thought I would have to steel myself to change a poopy diaper, or that I would fan another human's private parts. I certainly never thought I would need to use both my feet as well as my hands to change my baby!

*Update: The baking soda seemed to work. No screaming in the water, only bath time fun. Now hopefully, just some healing.

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