Saturday, September 21, 2013

Lilibeth's Baby Registry Must Haves

I have to confess that I already had a baby registry started before I even knew I was pregnant. No, I am not even a little bit superstitious. I know it can be daunting and stressful to have to think about everything you need for baby, so here is list of registry items I found to be awesome. It's a nice starting off point, just to get the cogs turning and really let you explore what you might want and need. Later in the week, I will be dedicating a post to newborn essentials (clothes, what sizes to get, diapers, etc), and also what you need in your diaper bag, so keep an eye out, or better yet, follow me on Blogspot. :)

1. Britax B-Agile Stroller:

If you click the link above, it will take you to the post where I sing the praises of the Britax B-Agile. BUT, don't forget to make sure that you have the proper car seat adapter for it if you plan on using it with an infant car seat. It comes with the adapter for the Britax Chaperone and B-Safe seats.

2. Chicco Keyfit 30:

We actually didn't own this one, because we already had a Graco car seat from my travel system purchase foible. I recommend the Chicco Keyfit because it is the top rated infant car seat in the USA. Several of my friends have this and love it. They come in a plethora of pretty colours, fit a baby from 4lbs to 30lbs, and the usual deal with the super safe five point harness. It is a little bit heavier than the Graco SnugRides, so if you'll be lugging baby around like I had to (up a hill from my garage and up a flight of stairs), the SnugRides are a great, safe, lighter option.

3. Fisher-Price Snugabunny Swing:

Full disclosure: you will use this swing for maybe 7 months tops. We got ours for $99, as opposed to $170 at full price, but seriously, this thing paid for itself tenfold, don't be shy to put it on your registry. It plays two different types of music, water sounds, nature sounds, has six speeds, swings in TWO different directions, there's a moving mobile, and even a five point harness for ultimate safety. Also, it doesn't just run on batteries, you can plug it right into the wall (but it can run on batteries if you want to use that option).

4. Bassinet:

My best friend gave us our Graco Travel Lite Crib, and we loved it! When we received it, we set it up immediately a few months before Noah was born, so that it could air out. I wiped it down to minimize any chemicals coming off it, since it's made of plastic. Noah seemed to think it was really comfortable, as long as he felt warm. He was born in January, so it was quite chilly. One of my mama friends recommend placing a hot water bottle in it before laying baby down, to make it more comfortable if you happen to have a winter baby. (Check first to see that it's not hot, just warm!) Bassinets are great because you can keep baby close to your bed without having a great big crib in your room, plus you can wheel it around the house to wherever you need to be.

5. Boppy Nursing and Lounger Pillows:

Everyone knows that nursing pillows are a necessity, not just for breast feeding, but also for tummy time. Boppy makes a great one with cute covers, or you can buy a naked one and have a cover custom made in your nursery colours from any number of great sellers on Etsy! Don't bother getting the "water-proof" protector, because it's not actually waterproof and pretty much does nothing. The second must-have Boppy Pillow is their Lounger. Our friend Lani recommended it, and OMG it saved our lives every single day for the first 4 months. Noah napped so well in it, and even when he was awake, he would just sit happily in it, watching us! Once your babe starts rolling over though, it's game over for the Boppy Lounger. It is such a comfy pillow that Brendan and I used to fight over who got to use it when we watched tv, once the munchkin was asleep.

6. Ergobaby Carrier:

^^Follow that link for my post on Ergobaby carriers! If you're going to be using it for your infant, they do sell infant inserts so that baby fits better and more safely in it when he's small.

7. Avent Glass Bottles & Steam Sterlizer:

Avent is all kinds of awesome. Their products are durable, reliable, useful, and nice to look at. We made the decision to use only glass and stainless steel bottles when bottle feeding Noah, and Avent makes some of the best glass bottles around. They come in 4oz and 8oz sizes, but if you ask me, the 8oz is more cost effective, since you won't be using the 4oz ones for very long, if at all. We only have 2 bottles, but if you don't feel like washing bottles multiple times a day, get however many works for you. The Avent Microwave Steam Sterilizer is also awesome. We liked it better than the bags, because it rinses and dries more quickly. If you didn't already know this, baby feeding tools (breast pump parts, bottles, nipples) and pacifiers all need to be sterilized before given to baby, especially in the first three months.

8. Nosefrida Snotsucker and Saline Drops:

The first time I used this essential tool, I gagged! You never actually suck snot out of your baby's nose directly into your mouth, but it feels like you are. Once you get the hang of it, it's fine and easy. For some reason, Noah loves getting his snot removed by this contraption. He laughs like a loon! I suggest the saline drops only if your little babe has hard, more dry boogers. We've only got moist snots up in here.

9. Svan Highchair:

I do not own this, but I want one so badly after seeing my friend's chairs! (Plural chairs because she has twins) It is gorgeous, and not plastic, and humongous, and cumbersome, like so many highchairs are these days. I do love our Inglesina chair because it takes up zero floor space, and we can bring it around with us everywhere, but I still lust for the Svan. Your kid can keep using it until they are well into toddlerhood too. For us though, it is just one more thing in our house that we have to prevent the rabbits from gnawing on. Booooo.

10. Arm & Hammer Diaper Pail:

We didn't get a diaper pail until Noah was 5 months old, because his diapers were so little that we could put them in little baggies and chuck them in the dumpster right away. 5 months was also when he started on solids, and the poop got stinky. Enough said. Make sure you put a bunch of refills on your registry as well! A trick that I learned, to save money, was to put the pee soiled diapers in the regular garbage since they don't smell, and only the poopy diapers go in the pail.

11. Breast Pump:

I really, really, really wish that I had a great recommendation for a breast pump. It's just that it's such a personal thing, it is really up to you and what you feel your needs are. There are options to rent from the hospital, single pumps, double pumps, electric and manual. I personally used the Medela Swing, and it was fine. I mainly used it when I had a plugged milk duct and was desperate to express milk. I can't get into it, it was much too traumatizing and deserves it's own post.

I hope this was somewhat helpful, I wish I had a list like this when I was making my registry! Instead, I just harassed my mom friends for information and researched a bit on my own. Most store registries have a guide as to what to buy anyway, but it's nice to see specific items. xoxo

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