Friday, September 20, 2013

Panic Setting In

Recovering from a c-section is hard, what with the pain, and the limits on your mobility and capability for a while. It also makes wanting to get back into shape after pregnancy a lot harder. I remember after my six week postpartum checkup, my obstetrician cleared me for all activities, including ab workouts, yoga, and pilates. (WTF) I was flabbergasted, because I could barely cart around my son's car seat, let alone attempt a serious workout. I honestly felt like if I tried one sit-up, my guts would spill out.

Then of course, everyone tells you about how breast feeding just melts the pregnancy pounds off, which in my case was totally untrue. There was no melting away of anything. I gained 40lbs when I was pregnant, 20 of which was baby, placenta, and water weight. That left me with 20lbs more than I was used to. I wasn't that motivated to do much about it though, but four months in, I was only about 8 or 10 pounds off my starting weight.

When Noah was six and a half months old, I decided to really try to get back into exercising because I missed it. Training, as I call it, was always something that I was naturally good at. So, out came the running shoes and my tighter-than-they-used-to-be workout clothes.

Stupid me, I decided to start with jogging, of all things. On the pavement. Apparently I am an idiot. But I was SO proud of myself when I did jog for those brief, two weeks! I started to do yoga and a 30 day full body challenge too, but I had to stop everything completely when my knees hurt like I had been beat up by a mafia goon.

Everyone has been so kind and encouraging to me, so it's really just my own insecurity. I blame the fact that I was an actress, that industry really messes with your head. I have been told repeatedly that it takes nine months to gain the weight, and naturally, nine months to lose it all. This is where my panic set in. Noah is 8 months old now, does that mean I have a month to magically look like I used to?! Egads, I am done for.

The Plan:

I love a challenge, and since I have procrastinated, it's time to really step it up! I vow to be fit and happy with my body by Noah's first birthday, and certainly before baby #2 comes into existence. My old plan of whining and complaining hasn't really melted my fat away, unfortunately!

  • Yoga: I bought class passes for not one but two hot/warm yoga studios in my neighbourhood.
  • Jogging on a track: much easier on the knees
  • Incorporating Noah into my strength routine: my babe is crazy heavy and makes a great weight
  • Cutting out dessert and most of the sugar in my lattes (Okay, Alexander?!)
  • Joining a gym if jogging outside in the fall/winter doesn't motivate me

Basically, I am writing a blog post in order to keep myself accountable for this decision. So, feel free to pester or encourage as you will!

But OF COURSE, as soon as I decide to eat better and exercise, the universe conspires against me:

Not once have I refrained from using a McDonald's coupon. In my life.

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