Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Anatomy of a Diaper Bag

Yet another reason why I love my stroller is that it basically serves as a giant purse on wheels. It takes the strain off my shoulders, while holding my baby safely and storing both his and my stuff. Combined with the Mommy Hook and the basket underneath, it also turns into one of those handy, old lady shopping carts when necessary!

I actually bought myself a diaper bag a year before Noah was born, but I think I used it maybe half a dozen times. Now I find it more comfortable and natural to use my big purses instead. The only one who would need a diaper bag is my husband, and Noah rarely goes anywhere with just his daddy. If they do go out, it isn't anywhere far, so going home for a quick change or feeding is easy.

I have tried so hard to streamline the essentials in the hope of lightening my load, but it has only ever resulted in being horribly unprepared, stressed out, and embarrassed. I also couldn't do it without the aid of some sort of purse organizer. I like to line my bag with a Purseket Organizer that contains my personal items, so that Noah's items can go in the middle where they are easily accessible.

What goes in each Purseket compartment:

  • hand cream & mini diaper cream tube
  • lip balm & mirror (for checking that you don't have poop or barf on your face)
  • keys on the built-in key post
  • iPhone
  • Kleenex, pen and purse hanger 
  • nail file, hair tie, hand sanitizer, mini reusable bag
  • my camera -not pictured because I am using my camera ;)

What goes in the middle of my diaper "purse":

  • diaper clutch
  • formula, water, bottle
  • hand & face wipes
  • bib and face cloth
  • roll of baggies for soiled diapers
  • my wallet and more reusable bags
  • one-piece outfit for Noah
  • an Aden+Anais blanket on top of it all
  • favourite toys

Toys, aka: Sanity Savers
What's in my diaper clutch:

  • 3 diapers, travel wipes (Honest's are great and streamlined, but I prefer the hard cases that Huggies sells. My friend gave me a beautiful yellow & grey personalized one!)
  • large changing pad
  • also pictured is the blanket I mentioned, cause Seattle weather is crazy all over the place

Alright, so I just stuck this thing in all it's full glory on my bathroom scale, and it is just over 5lbs but not quite 6lbs. That doesn't sound like a lot, but it is if you are going a long way. Trust me, my shoulder can vouch for that statement!

After this past weekend, I would say that putting a shirt in there for yourself is a smart thing to do, cause Noah peed on my shirt while we were at a restaurant on Saturday. BUT, I think it was a fluke and poor planning on our part, since his diaper was clearly over saturated, poor guy.

On our really long walks, I have brought along some baby Advil, because I am way too scared to deal with a meltdown in public due to teething. I also know that very, very soon, this huge baby arsenal will also contain snacks, packets of food, and bigger toys and books.

I better start working out.


  1. Nice post! We're expecting in June and I was just looking around for some ideas on how much stuff goes into a baby bag. I recently bought the LV Totally MM (not knowing I was pregnant at the time) and I hope it is big enough! I love my Neverfull as well (like yours?) but I want to use my new bag! ;) Which size is your bag?

  2. Hi Christina! You guys must be over the moon, congratulations. :) I think that you'll be ok in the beginning with your Totally MM, since everything is still smaller when they are new. (clothes, diapers, etc) It's when you have a solid food eater and busy walker that you'll probably need to bust out your Neverfull! I've got two Neverfulls, both MM, and I can really fill one up easily like nobody's business now.