Monday, June 16, 2014

What's In Her Bag -Toddler Edition

I thought I would write an updated post about what's in my diaper bag now that Noah's 17 months old. It's definitely different but not that different. Long gone are the teethers and pacifiers, and I usually don't bother with toys at all anymore unless we're going to the park or beach, in which case I bring a ball or sand toys.

The only other things in my bag that aren't pictured are my camera and mine and Noah's water bottles, which are constantly in high use.

Here's what's in my diaper bag broken down into sections. I can fit a lot in there without it being overwhelmingly stuffed or heavy:

  • large changing pad
  • at least 2 diapers
  • wipes
  • roll of baggies for soiled diapers
  • diaper rash cream
  • alcohol-free sanitizing wipes
  • sunscreen stick

I always keep a very simple one piece change of clothing in my bag just in case of a poo/vomit/pee/food explosion. Ideally you want something that can fold up compactly. To help with staying clean and dry I always have this mustache bib on me at all times. Like, always, it's as indipensable as my iPhone. Finally I have 2 packets of food on hand at all times, sometimes 3. Unfortunately, Noah is currently a meat and bread kind of man, so we have to trick him into eating fruits and veggies with these packets for now. We're working on  it. ;)

  • 1 bib
  • 1 outfit change
  • 2 organic packets

Next comes the mommy stuff cause before it was a diaper bag, it was my purse! I try to keep the amount of stuff to a bare minimum:

  • hair tie
  • lip balm
  • tissues
  • nail file
  • dental floss (trust me, it comes in handy)
  • a purse hanger
  • reusable grocery bags
  • hand cream
  • pen
  • mirror
  • wallet & iPhone
  • a super handy emergency kit from my bestie, Gwen. It  fits in the palm of your hand and contains everything you might need in a pinch: Advil, Tylenol, breath mints, bandaids, clear nail polish, etc.

How I organize it all:

I use a Purseket organizer to keep things neat and easily accessible. I don't even need to look in my purse and I know where to reach something quickly. Unless it falls on the floor and everything spills out of it, then I'm just screwed.

I keep the diapers in a separate pouch too, because I don't want them to swell up and get ruined if anything accidentally spills. Everything folds up pretty small and flat, which is the key to having a super organized diaper bag I think.

Formula has now been replaced with organic whole milk. In a pinch though, I keep these 1% milk packs in the fridge to take with us because Noah's picky and only likes cold milk. If I know he's going to drink milk in the next little while I'll just bring some in his Pura Kiki sippy. (The bar is for Momie)

Once everything is stowed away, folded, and contained, it all fits nicely and neatly in my giant purse. It's not just for show, I need my purse to be organized like this or I will lose my marbles. Why don't I pack toys anymore? Because Noah is happier playing with things in his environment, or stuff that the grownups use like coffee cups, straws and napkins. Sometimes I'll have finger food, but I find it just gets thrown in the dirt and wasted.

So there you have it, a streamlined toddler diaper bag that doesn't leave you feeling unprepared! Of course, you may want to add or remove items that don't work for your toddler.

Happy Monday!

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