Thursday, June 19, 2014

Totally Bonkers

I know I'm a real, full fledged mommy because if anyone who knew me back when I used to wear very tight jeans, 4 inch heels, and a full face of makeup every day saw me, they would think I had gone bat shit crazy.

Once again, we were in the car on our way home during naptime, so I was trying to keep him awake. For twenty solid minutes, I repeated the phrase, "Noah, does Horton hear a Who?" over and over again in different voices, pitches and speeds, just so that my Small Human would giggle hysterically in the backseat while my hair turned into a giant rat's nest in the wind. TWENTY MINUTES. The real clincher is that it didn't bother me at all.

Back when I was a babysitter, I feel like that would have been an exhausting task but as a mother it was a piece of cake (Mmm cake). However, when I was stopped at a high pedestrian traffic intersection, I was getting confused looks from people crossing the street and smiles from the ones that realized someone was laughing really hard in the car with me.

Basically, I had turned into a goofy parent like my dad. To this day, he will still say, "Look Lilibeth, a train!" if we drive past one even though I'm 35 years old now. Long gone are the days of my coolness, but it's ok, I am happy wearing jeans that fit me, not much makeup and cute flats. I guess that has nothing to do with mommyhood, but I'm happy in my skin which is important.

I know my priorities now: A happy baby is far less exhausting than a crying baby, and that keeps me sane.

After his nap he ecstatically tried on his new rain boots

I think he likes them 

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