Friday, June 13, 2014

10 Reasons Why My Husband Rocks Daddyhood

1. He knows how to get his kid to sleep.

I never have to worry about Noah not napping or sleeping on time if I'm not around,  because Brendan is just as good at it. One time, my friend and I went out for a girls night and Brendan put both of our crazy little boys to sleep for the night single-handed. I think he's pretty proud of that, and rightly so!

2. He gets the baby every morning.

I'm embarrassed to say that I am an incredibly sound sleeper, aka The Worst Mother Ever. Brendan gets the baby every morning, whether it's at 8am or 9am, or the awful and occasional 6:30am. Every time. I love him.

3. He's very invested in Noah's development.

Brendan is a fun and patient daddy who tries to show Noah how to count with blocks, teaches him the alphabet, and helps him try to sound out words phonetically. He's always talking to him and engaging him, it's so wonderful and adorable.

4. He knows how to dress Noah appropriately.

My husband always tries to take my cue and dress Noah in cute outfits, which cracks me up! When they go out, the baby is never over or under dressed for the weather. He's always prepared, sometimes more than I am.

5. He's more adventurous with giving Noah new foods.

I am terrible at this. Sometimes I won't give Noah a food that I think will be really, really messy, but Brendan just goes for it, and that's the way it should be!

6. He prefers wearing Noah when they're out.

I don't know if this is because it's easier to get around without a stroller, but Brendan has been putting Noah in a carrier from the first time we left the house with him when he was a tiny bean. This was way before we even knew the benefits of baby-wearing, it's just more convenient in the city. All the dads in Seattle do this, maybe it's a fitness related thing.

7. He is not afraid of having more kids.

My husband is a true family man. It's why I married him. He's so kind and patient, level-headed and hard-working. Multiple children don't scare him. He's up for it but not only that, he's excited for it. I'm the one who's apprehensive about having more!

8. He trusts me to raise our son.

This might seem silly to some, but the fact that we are always on the same page about how to raise Noah is a really big deal. We trust each other's decisions, and never belittle potential new parenting techniques or ideas. I also love that he is fine with me dressing our son in a pink hoodie or pink diapers, but yes I do talk to him about it first. Noah is his son too.

9. He's a diaper changer extraordinaire. 

Brendan has changed almost as many diapers as me. I win only because I'm with Noah all day, but in the beginning when I couldn't get up because of my incision, he was the main diaper changer. Now he's a super quick, thorough changer with excellent daddy technique, complete with cream and ointment. ;)

10. He has impressed this daddy's girl.

In my head, my daddy is the best dad in the whole wide world. I even named my son after him. I had no idea that the cute 23 year old guy I met at a coffee shop nearly 8 years ago would become the most wonderful, loving, affectionate dad to our son. Watching him and how good he is with Noah makes me feel like every choice I made in my life to get to where I am now was exactly the right one.

Happy Father's Day Mokey, Noah has the best Dada and he and I are both very lucky.

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