Wednesday, June 18, 2014

My Fearless Little Human

Toddlers are so funny because you can never, ever anticipate how they are going to behave. You can make an educated guess, but it's really all up to chance, how the weather could be affecting them, or because of the moon's orbit. My point is that toddlers don't behave like well adjusted adults.

Small Human has had his fair share of tumbles in the playground, and as a parent you wonder if they've learned anything from their mistakes and if they'll start to make the right choices. Well, Noah has fallen down concrete steps before, so he is now extra careful around them, choosing to back down them, sometimes 30 feet away from the top of the stairs! (even if it's just one step) It's a bit ridiculous, but so sweet and funny. He must have really learned his lesson.

Yesterday though, he took a nasty tumble down the metal staircase of one of the play structures in the playground. He wasn't badly hurt, so much as gave himself a good scare, which was a relief to momie. You know what that kid did as soon as he was done crying? He went back up the same steps to conquer them.

I was so impressed with my son, I think my heart was going to burst with pride. One of the traits that I hate the most in myself is when something is hard or I've failed at it initially, I get really daunted and tend to either give up entirely or shy away from whatever it was for a while. I really hope Noah's attitude towards life stays the way it is now because it will come in handy when faced with life's adversities.

I had no idea it would be so beautiful and fulfilling to watch a personality develop and grow out of the tiny creature you made with your partner. It makes all the hard bits of parenthood less hard. The cuteness helps a lot too.

There was a mama duck with her ducklings that he was really into

Sometimes our park feels very Jane Austen-y

Hipster Noah

He demanded to hold the kale

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