Friday, June 6, 2014

EWG's Skin Deep

Last year when my blog was brand new, I briefly mentioned a tool I loved that was really valuable and useful to our family. The EWG or Environmental Working Group is dedicated to providing consumers with accurate information about what is in the products that we use on our bodies every day. They developed a database called Skin Deep that allows anyone to search their favourite brands to find out their hazard level to humans. It's easy to use and read: 0-2 is low level, 3-6 is moderate, and 7-10 is high hazard.

At first I was skeptical, but when I researched the lip balm brands that were giving me really bad allergic reactions, they all scored high hazard levels on Skin Deep! From then on I have trusted them, especially with Noah's skincare. The skin is our largest organ and readily absorbs everything we put on it, which goes directly into our bloodstreams. I don't want to live life in constant fear and worry, but I would rather be safe than sorry. We all have the right to make our own choices.

I got really annoyed yesterday because I thought I'd pick up a Neutrogena Baby Faces sunscreen as a backup, but when I looked up the SPF 60 one, it had a hazard level of 7. That's pretty high and considering it's for babies, I find it incredibly irresponsible of Neutrogena. They've got lower SPF levels that score a 4 on Skin Deep in the same line, so it's always good to be aware. I returned the tube.

Here are some of the products I have meticulously researched and trust for my Small Human and myself:

1. Babo Botanicals (0-2 score)

ALL of Babo Botanicals' products are safe and non hazardous, from their diaper rash cream to their sunscreen. They're a great company that says they are baby friendly and actually are, fancy that.

2. Eucerin Smoothing Repair Dry Skin Lotion (2 score)

This is what I trust on my own finicky skin every day, and I would feel safe using it in pregnancy too.

3. Honest Products (0-3 score)

I know I talk about The Honest Company constantly, but I really dig them, from their safe, low hazard products to their simple yet cute packaging. I just wish their shipping to Canada wasn't so expensive so that my Canadian friends can partake without spending an arm and a leg! Noah uses their toothpaste but I prefer the fresh feeling of Toms of Maine for myself.

4. Lavanila The Healthy Deodorant (4 score)

I never used to wear deodorant regularly before I had Noah because I didn't have any underarm body odour. I think something changed in my body chemistry though, because I went without deodorant last weekend and the results were really not pleasant. There are several healthy aluminum-free, paraben-free options out there, but none as yummy smelling and cute as Lavanila. They use lemon and tea tree oil to combat bacteria, and they smell lovely. It works for me, but I've heard from several friends that reapplication is sometimes necessary. Luckily they also have a travel sized version. :)
These are all just tiny changes we have made to our daily routines, but I feel good about our informed choices, and that is super important to me. May you all have beautiful, sun-filled and safe weekends! xoxo

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