Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Señor Rambunctious

When I was pregnant with Noah, I had so many romantic daydreams about motherhood. I knew about all the nitty-gritty stuff like lack of sleep, poop explosions, temper tantrums, picky eaters, biters, and the like. But before you get initiated into that world, new mothers think about things like going to mommy and baby activities, like mommy & baby yoga, or story time at the library.

Flash forward 17 months and it's a totally different story. My Small Human is a rambunctious little fellow, the sort of kid who begs to go outside so he can run and dance and hunt for the perfect twig or maybe chase neighborhood squirrels, or French kiss French Bulldogs (appropriately)!

This morning at the library during toddler story time, he was not interested in sitting still to listen to stories. He does it at home with me, but in public everything else is so much more interesting! For the entire thirty minutes, he sat still for about sixty seconds. He much preferred socializing with the bigger kids and the mommies, and randomly shrieking with excitement. Shrieking is kinda Noah's "thing", which is fine except for the fact that we make 20 people a day jump out of their skins when we pass by them.

Looking around the library room, I saw happy toddlers sitting in their mommies' laps or just standing there rapt with attention. I was the only one sweating from chasing my child who was running around and exploring. It's very fun and adorable, but I realize now that story time just isn't his cup of milk. I can completely understand why sitting in your mom's lap would pale in comparison to a new room full of people and furniture to explore.

We definitely won't be trying mommy & baby yoga. I might leave feeling less zen and more zonked. Noah's more of a zoo kinda guy!

Checking out the Komodo Dragon's claws

Ooh a giraffe

Getting a boost from Dada to see the giraffes

Hi Giraffe!

Noah and this loose peacock had a screaming match and the peacock won.

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