Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Thank You Mamas

I would like to thank each of my mommy friends for being such fun, inspirational, goofy, snarky, loving, sympathetic, calming, hilarious, considerate, crazy-faces. You each bring something different to our relationship and without you, I would be living in my little anti-social world of exhaustion and despair when the going gets tough. You are my partners in crime in the scary world of new motherhood. I often leave you feeling like I'm going to float instead of sink, and yes dear friends, make no mistake that it is because of you!

You all teach me new things and allow me to see situations from a different perspective. Your support means the world to me, your company comforts me, your texts make my day. So thank you, and please know that I appreciate you very much and am grateful to have you in my life and Noah's life, even if you think you haven't done anything at all.

Also, thank you for having such cute, sweet kids that I actually like being around. ;) Here's to many more mommy-baby playdates.

Lilibeth xoxo

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