Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Sacred Heart Girls Rule

Last weekend I had the great pleasure of seeing an old childhood friend! This is someone I met when we were 12 years old, in Biology class. We just happened to sit next to each other, became lab partners by default, and were inseparable and extremely mischievous for the next five years. That was twenty-three years ago. This only just drives it in how quickly life goes by.

It was fun to see each other as adults and mothers, and as women with husbands! When we met all those years ago, the idea of kissing boys would have resulted in explosive giggle attacks. Life is very, very different now!

It was wonderful to see each other and while I didn't get to meet her three gorgeous munchkins, she at least got to meet Small Human. Also, it was like no time had passed. There is very little pretense when you reunite with someone who knew you as a child, it's almost like life goes back to being simpler in that beautiful way that usually only siblings know. It was also really incredible to have the opportunity to see each other as adults, because when you're a young teen all you can think about is your future and what it holds for you, and now here we are.

OMG I'm going to cry.

Alright, I'm going to stop now and show you some ridiculously cute pictures instead. Thanks for coming to Seattle Cynthia & Will! Hope to visit you guys in California soon! xoxo

There's a fun surprise at the end. :)

We're still 12 in my mind!
"Um, why is that guy not pointing the camera at us, wtf?" 

Meeting Auntie Cynthia for the first time. He loved her so much, she got a kiss goodbye!

1995 in Stratford, Ontario :D Yes, I am wearing high heeled Guess? jelly shoes.

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