Monday, June 30, 2014

The Hungry Little Bookworm

It may be way too early to tell, but I feel like Noah might become a bookworm. Both his momie and dada were bookworms, so that makes sense. He has been really into books lately, and is very focused on one book at a time. He also has a strong attraction to signs that he can "read" and anything at all with letters on it, including license plates. Letters fascinate him. (Heart bursting with pride!)

An interest in books is great because this means we don't have to buy him anything, we just go to the library. He thinks it's magical there when there are no distractions like other kids in the children's section. Even if I don't have him strapped into his stroller he climbs in it, sits, and looks through a book he has decided to peruse. What a funny little man!

A love of reading is something both Brendan and I hold dear and hope to foster in our son. Seeing the way people write nowadays is disheartening. Reading a lot in your formative years really helps to develop and enrich your language skills. I want Noah to be able to express himself coherently and intelligently. For now however, he is still just yelling and whining.

Reading a lot of different types of books in many genres is one way to ensure several things:

1. He'll be interested in life and all it has to offer. Everything cool in the world can be first discovered through reading about them.

2. He will know how to use the correct expressions rather than base his knowledge of them on what he's heard from others, who may be wrong. i.e. Deep-seated, not "deep-seeded".

3. He will hopefully become aware of proper spelling and grammar as well. Seeing people use "your" when they mean "you're" makes me want to "lose" it, not "loose" it.

4. He won't be daunted by summer reading lists and book reports when the time comes.

Once again, I'm getting ahead of myself! Right now Noah is 17 months old and getting his canines in, and is very clingy and crabby. We're not quite in sonnets territory yet, but more of a We're Going On a Bear Hunt fifty times in a row territory. Cool your jets, momie. Happy Monday!

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