Friday, June 27, 2014

17 Month Favourites: Momie & Mini

Mr. Small Human is growing up so quickly. Some days, I feel like he looks like such a big boy, especially compared to the infants we see in the neighbourhood, but other times he still looks like a little Mini next to the preschoolers and I breathe a sigh of relief.

He's at a fun and moderately easy age now. Him not being able to communicate with words is still a bit frustrating for both of us, but he's always babbling so I'm not worried. I'm glad he's a pretty easygoing kid, not too demanding, very independent, and mostly happy. The only hard part is keeping up with his boundless energy, but that's hardly a problem.

Each new month brings new favourites, here are some of them we'd like to share with you:

Mini Boden Towelling Poncho

Of all Noah's summer essentials, this towelling poncho from Boden was our best purchase. I got it for a bargain at $17 in the spring, so I think the key is to buy ahead and always keep an eye out for random sales. Instead of having to deal with towels and wrestling a squirmy, wet toddler into tiny pieces of clothing, I just change Noah out of his swim diaper and swim trucks and throw this on him. It's comfortable, dries him up and he can just wear it to go off and play. Sanity saver.

Wood Alphabet Magnets

Our Small Human loves to "read", so he's into arranging these wood alphabet magnets on the fridge or carpet and reading them aloud for us, it's the cutest thing. He seems to favour the letters D, B, and V. The set we have is by Melissa and Doug. Right now we're only using the uppercase letters because the lowercase ones are still a choking hazard.

We're Going On a Bear Hunt

There's something about the rhythm of this book that Noah loves. He makes me read it to him 15 times a day. My old bestie from high school gave us this awesome set that comes with the book and a little plush bear that Noah likes to kiss and giggle hysterically at! This makes me happy because I loved singing the story when I was a little girl too.

Crocs Rain Boots

I really hate Crocs on adults, but baby Crocs are so stinkin' cute, especially the rain boots. Noah loves his and wants to wear them everyday, so I can only assume he finds them comfortable. We got to splash around in puddles today with them, but I quickly realized my son needs some kind of rain hazmat suit because he likes to roll around in puddles, not just jump in them.

Lilibeth's Summer Favourites:

BKR Water Bottle

I am a water fiend. I feel like I drink more water than other people, so I like to have my water bottle on hand most of the time. BKR bottles are made of recycled glass, come in an array of pretty silicone sleeve covers, and I don't have to worry about plastic leeching into my water. Gross. Also this way I can bring my cucumber water with me everywhere.

Toms Chambray Correa Sandals

These sandals are my summer staple because they go with everything, feel like clouds on my feet, and are super cute. A big bonus is that these have gotten stepped on a million times by dusty and sandy toddler feet but still look clean.

Target Dresses

About 95% of the dresses I wear during the summer are from Target. This is because every year they have a buy one, get one half off sale, so dresses end up typically costing $15 to $25 a dress! Can't beat that, plus they're cute and I don't have to worry about ruining them with weird baby stains since they were so cheap. I have this dress in three different colours.

Hurraw Tinted Lip Blam

I rarely wear lipstick anymore, and I think that's largely due to the fact that I have cute cheekies to kiss. When I want a bit of colour so that I don't look like Zombie Momie, I keep a stick of Hurraw's Tinted Cherry lip balm by the door, slick it on and throw it in my purse. You don't even have to look at yourself to apply it, so easy.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone, it's the last weekend of June, eek it's going by so quickly!

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