Thursday, June 12, 2014

Incredibly Grateful

I don't believe in jinxing things, that's just a silly way of explaining away things that occur that you don't like. It's a good thing I feel that way, otherwise I'd never be able to share what I am about to divulge to you. I've been feeling borderline lady of leisure lately because Noah has been taking three hour naps, and sleeping 12-13 hours a night.

We've reached some kind of sweet spot between growth spurts and teething, and it's marvelous. Other parents may be accustomed to this, but we are not. The sleeping through the night thing isn't new, but the consistent three hour nap is! Yesterday he actually slept for three hours and ten minutes. BAM.

What did I do with all my free time? I had some tea, read some articles, put on a load of laundry, did 20 minutes of spinning, ab exercises, took a shower, put on makeup, played with the two bunnies, planned dinner, folded laundry, washed the dishes, and started a blog post.

Clearly, I have no idea what actual ladies of leisure do, but it felt very leisurely to me. Everything feels relaxed and easy when no one is screaming for you to: read to them/feed them/give them milk/clean their butt/sing the itsy bitsy spider to them.

Then my Small Human had the audacity to wake up singing and in a fabulous mood. Every day this week has been simultaneously exhausting and felt like my birthday or Christmas. It's been great! Moar please, Small Human!!! Maybe today I can sneak in some yoga, but I don't wanna get ahead of myself. ;)

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