Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Morning Rush

Time management is not my forte. My schedule currently revolves around Small Human, which happens to work out fine for everyone anyway. Some mornings are more hectic than others because of various classes and playdates that we have every week, but we try our best and things mostly go smoothly.

It's tough, because obviously the little man can't get himself ready yet, so we have to deal with him first, and then ourselves, and to top it all off, we are all late risers. I'm great at planning out Small Human's snacks and outfits, not so great at my own.

Monday morning I left the house with no coffee, no food, and no water in my system. I didn't have to worry about my hair at least, cause I had just gotten it done the day before, so I brushed my teeth, threw on a hoodie, jeans and my Chucks, curled my lashes and ran out the door. This would have been fine ten years ago, but 35 year old Lilibeth needs sustenance now that she has a toddler to run after.

I'm not really sure how I made it through the morning, but I did. I nipped every impending tantrum in the bud, chased a bunch of toddlers, cleaned up after a bunch of toddlers (there was sand everywhere), and was beyond ready to leave after two hours, despite having a good time.

By the time we got home I was about to pass out, but thankfully Brendan and I have also been on the ball with the grocery shopping, so eating in a jiffy was easy enough. Anyway, our morning dances without morning outings usually look something like this:

8:45am: Small Human wakes up either chatting with his animals or crying. Dada gets him.

9am: The baby is changed and has had a cup of milk, keeping Dada company while he starts the coffee, feeds Tidbit and waters the plants.

9:30: Momie gets woken up because she is a lazy and tired lady. We eat breakfast together, Momie and SH still in pajamas.

When there's a morning activity it's more like this:

8:30am: Alarm goes off and I ignore it.

8:40am: I rip myself out of bed and get the baby, change him, give him milk and an outfit change.

8:55am: I try to get ready while someone tries to put the contents of my bathroom cupboards into the bathtub; he gets kicked out.

9:05am: I have 5 minutes to throw clothes on before someone starts screaming.

9:10am: Small Human will inevitably have a huge poop before I walk out the door.

9:15am: Leave the house running. Oops, no time for food or drink. Shoot, I'm screwed, how am I even running?!

I really need to learn how to wake up early. *whomp whomp*

He really likes to try to help me vacuum

He tries really hard, my sweet guy!

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