Wednesday, October 15, 2014

LOL Co-sleeping

Last week, Small Human was having trouble sleeping which was probably related to his starting to speak more. Naptime was a nightmare that totally didn't even happen one day, and bedtime was such a struggle that resulted in 10pm or even 1am wake ups.

That's when I got ideas in my head. For naps I would just hold him on top of me while I wrote blog posts or responded to messages. That was fine, sweaty and drool-filled, but it has since ended and momie got to have her snuggle time in. I thought I could try it for bedtime too.

Small Human woke up at 10pm, crying his little face off, so I took him into bed with me and snuggled my sweet little babe to my heart's content! I was so happy that I fell asleep with a big, goofy grin on my face. Until he woke me up 30 minutes later, squirming and kicking and pinching, while completely asleep. This happened every 10, 15, 20, 30 minutes. It was how I imagine sleeping with a baby chimpanzee would be like.

After only about an hour and a half of trying co-sleeping (yet again), I promptly deposited my baby monkey into his crib. He cried for a minute but slept peacefully til morning and so did I. I'm not really sure why people think co-sleeping is best for raising a healthy child, because in our house it would only result in a very crabby, sleepless-in-Seattle family who would probably all end up sick from lack of proper rest.

Verdict? I will not be trying that again in a hurry. Happy Hump Day!

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