Tuesday, October 14, 2014

More Travel Stress

I am trying really hard not to stress the eff out about our upcoming trip back to Toronto. I both want to see people and don't want to see anyone at all, because almost everyone we know is in this one city. It is also probably the closest thing we will ever come to being celebrities, because our arrival is highly anticipated, only certain people who are in the know are privy to our comings and goings, our appearances are all rigorously scheduled, and we are in and out like the jet-setting Jolie-Pitts. Ok that last bit was added to satiate my own silly fantasy, but you catch my drift, it's more stressful than leisurely.

Learning how to relax and live in the moment has never really been one of my strong points. This will be our last free trip with Small Human cause once he turns 2 we'll have to buy him a seat, so I should just try my best to really enjoy this mini vacation as a family of three. We are going for our friends' wedding and it is sure to be a lovely time with amazing people. Who doesn't love getting dressed up and partying with friends you haven't seen in awhile?

Can you believe we leave in three days and I still haven't packed? Brendan and I have also resigned ourselves to the fact there is nothing we can do but be present for our hyper baby and do our best to distract him. It is totally out of our control so I'm just gonna roll with the punches cause I'm too tired to care. We have a rambunctious boy, we deal with it.

I honestly don't know if traveling is going to bring up any sad/scary memories of the last time we were in Canada, but I'm gonna try to hold it together. My OBGYN actually told me I was a bad ass for the way I handled everything (she didn't even know about the passing of my aunt and bunny), so I am going to hold on to the knowledge that I can be strong when I need to be.

Wow, can you tell how much traveling stresses me out now?

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