Monday, October 20, 2014

Partying and Mr. Bashful

We survived the plane ride to Toronto and I hear that Tidbit is doing well back home in Seattle so I have been able to breathe easy. We made it to the check-in counter at the airport with exactly two minutes to spare before the international flight cut off time, and semi-breezed through security with a toddler who acted like he was going to die because his crackers had to be put through the scanner.

The Small Human was incredibly hyper on the plane but only hit the call button once, which we consider winning. He slept for over two hours of our four and a half hour flight. Brendan and I were able to watch movies, eat snacks and drink, it was wonderful. (Like the old days!)

Friday and Saturday were spent schmoozing and partying, and thanks to my in-laws we were able to do this sans bebe. Already, we have had a really wonderful time catching up with people, getting ready to welcome more friends to the west coast, and celebrating a newly married couple. Not only that, but one of my besties had her baby girl the day we arrived, so if we wanted to, we could make a very sweet romantic comedy with the events that went on during our trip so far.

Also, Small Human gets super bashful now around people, and closes his eyes so he can't see anyone when he feels shy! It is very adorable but so strange to witness, when he used to be able to just play with anyone at all. Seriously, he would probably go home with friendly servers from restaurants before.

I have come to the conclusion that I am always mildly stressed out, but glad there is so much happiness this time around.

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