Thursday, October 2, 2014


Wow, a major breakthrough just happened about 15 45 minutes ago. Small Human said "kaka", held his little butt, and gestured to his diaper caddy. FYI, never in your life will you care so much about what comes out of a person's rear end more than when you become a parent. I can pretty much guarantee that you will worry about it from the moment that creature pops out until I don't know when, puberty maybe?

This means we are potty training ready! It terrifies me to have to potty train a little man who communicates with me through grunts, pointing, babbling, and random English words interjected throughout. It took me about 30 minutes to write this last sentence because someone kept running to the fridge, pointing, grunting and yelling "milk please!", but then getting distracted by the chip in the paint that he created on the cupboard next to the fridge, obsessively pointing and saying, "Uh oh! Uh oh!". I try to get him back on track, "Do you want milk, little man?". Shakes his head, "Lights!" he says, and runs away to dance. This happened 5 times in a row, I am about to lose it.

Omg he's crazy, can this actually happen?! I think this is the sign that I have been waiting for. All of today's potty related occurrences have come about independently from each other, but never all at once. Ack, it's time.

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