Thursday, October 16, 2014

My Baby is Twenty-One Months Old

Small Human is fast approaching two and I am now in that obnoxious parent territory where instead of saying "He's almost two", I still sometimes spit out, "Twenty-one months today". Please, don't roll your eyes at the parents who do this, just pity them for clinging on to the babyhood of their rapidly growing child.

All of these milestones have really got me thinking the last few days, not just about our little boy, but of the evolution of our partnership. When Brendan and I met, our conversations and plans revolved around finding ways to spend as much time together as possible, discovering the innovative new thing to check out (Nuit Blanche!), or taking trips to NYC. Then it quickly changed into figuring out what engagement ring I would love, what colours our wedding theme would be, then what couch would best fit our first married apartment, and not long after that, what colour scheme the nursery would be.

In hindsight, each step went by so quickly, but I'm happy to say that I have enjoyed every bit of it thus far. There were obviously challenging parts, like planning a wedding in Toronto alone while Brendan started a new job in Seattle, or the birth plan that went out the window with an emergency C-section. The beauty of life is that it's difficult, but it feels so good when you can come out on top despite being knocked down a dozen times.

What's life like now? A crazy monkey jumping on that couch we painstakingly chose that is now kinda dingy and stained, pointing to our wedding picture and excitedly screaming, "Dat Mumum! Dat Daaa-daa!". Yeah, I'm cool with this.

Happy Thursday.

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