Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Christmas Crazy

I think Noah wants a teepee for Christmas.
Ok maybe mommy wants a teepee for Christmas. ;)
I have launched the Wilsons into full blown Christmas mode and I make no apologies. We're just going to skip over American Thanksgiving entirely and go straight for the holiday prize. The Christmas decorations are all officially going up because we're only going to be in town for three more weeks.

We won't be doing a tree this year, but I found a really adorable laser cut "tree" from Crate & Barrel that now lives on our mantle, as well as a metallic star garland with gold, pink, and white stars from The Land of Nod. All five of us Wilsons have stockings, Pottery Barn Kids for the humans, and little sparkly stockings for the bunnies. I even got Christmas cushion covers from Etsy. I love the holidays!

Our annual family photo Christmas cards are in the works too, I can't wait to show you all. :)

I am way too excited for Noah's first Christmas that I could burst! We've got Christmas sweaters to wear, Christmas pajamas, some special presents in the works, and of course we will be visiting Santa in the next few days too. Wanna know a little bit of trivia? I don't have a single photo with Santa as a child because I was mortally afraid of him.

I wonder if we'll actually have a white Christmas in Toronto this year? I'm dreaming of it! (Yes, I am cheesy, but that is half the fun!)

Are you planning any fun activities or presents for your Littles? Only 29 more days to go...


Laser cut tree from Crate & Barrel

Star garland from The Land of Nod

Pottery Barn's Woodland stocking was practically made for me!

Subway style print on chevron of course (Etsy)


  1. Love your blog, Elizabeth!! You're inspiring me for Aiden's first Christmas. We just moved and things feel super crazy, but can't forget the important stuff like baby's first Christmas! ;)

  2. Thank you Charissa! Isn't Christmas 100x more wonderful now that we have small humans?? :)