Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Baby Friendly Places

If I'm feeling good and not too stressed out because of life or more likely, something baby related, I like exploring Seattle with my babe. Sometimes you luck out and discover a baby-friendly establishment, or you strike out and find a place where they treat you like you have the plague.

It's completely understandable that not all places are baby or child friendly. Sometimes the space is simply too intimate, or geared toward a certain type of crowd. I get it, and that is cool with me.

When you do find an awesome place though, it feels like winning the lottery! I like going where I know I am welcome, and won't feel embarrassed or shamed for having a baby man who might shriek and throw things across the room.

There are a few places in Capitol Hill that Noah and I enjoy going to. The Wilsons' number one favourite place is Volunteer Park Cafe. I went there all the time when I was pregnant with Small Human, and continue to do so now. The atmosphere is always warm and homey, and the food is delish. Plus, you can burn off your calories by going for a walk in Volunteer Park afterwards! The only thing that makes it slightly inconvenient is that they don't have a change table in the bathroom.

The whole family at Volunteer Park Cafe
Vios Cafe & Marketplace on 19th is also a fun place because they've got a little play area for the beans, and a staff that loves kids. It might be better for more mobile kiddos though. The food here is delicious and Greek. Yummo!

Checking out the Vios play area

I get my blue streaks done at Red Chair Salon on 15th Ave. because not only are they awesome at colouring, but they are 100% cool with babies. During one of my appointments, Noah screamed for 20 minutes before falling asleep, and no one batted an eyelash. The staff usually plays with him when he's in a good mood. :)

Bakery Nouveau just down the street from the salon is small and cozy, but have a couple high chairs, and some really delicious baked goods and sammies. I don't suggest going there on a weekend though, because they often have lines out the door.

Noah with his gf Carmen, at Bakery Nouveau last August
I can't end this post without a shout out to the best baristas in town though. The Starbucks on 15th is the best Starbucks in the city hands down. They know how to make all the drinks properly, no matter how ridiculously I modify my lattes, and every single person that works there is amazingly nice and sweet! No really, I am in love with them. Fun fact: I went into labour at that Starbucks!

You don't have to feel like you can't go anywhere for a meal or a nice cup of coffee when you've got a babe under 1 year, you just hafta know where to go!

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