Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Already Excited For the Holidays

It's not even mid November, but I am already sooooo excited for Christmas! I know that I should probably be excited for Thanksgiving first, but we're Canadian so our Thanksgiving has already past. I am, however, always excited (and thankful) for eating, so there's that!

It has been a surreal year of firsts for us, but for some reason, baby's first Christmas feels like the biggest deal. Having a baby and starting our own little family to share holiday traditions with, kinda makes me feel like my life is finally complete. It's something that I have always wanted and dreamed about. I realize that there is still so much more to come (yay!), but in the here and now I am genuinely, fully content.

Adding to the number of monkeys living in our house
One of our old Toronto holiday traditions was going to this cool trade show every year and I miss going to it so much. It was a great place to eat, have fun, and do your Christmas shopping. Well, imagine my elation when I heard that there was a Seattle Christmas Show going on at the Convention Center! I just about peed myself from excitement.

We got some really awesome things, some of which I can't show the interwebs because they will be stocking stuffers for people back home. The show wasn't exactly the same, but it was loads of fun, and really put me in the mood for the holidays.

This weekend was all kinds of wonderful. Our Christmas shopping is mostly done, we watched Love Actually, we shopped, we ate, we relaxed! The best part was: We didn't have to worry about the baby once. Noah was so good and very tolerant of all the gallivanting we did. No more hunger strike, diarrhea, barfing, or fussiness = winning.

Our cute, mini gingerbread house from the Seattle Christmas Show!

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