Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Rain Day

We don't usually let the rain stop us from going out, but it sometimes makes me not want to use a stroller. The leaves and pine needles that stick to the wheels drive me crazy beans!

Monday was so rainy and dismal, it was proper rain and not the perpetual Seattle winter mist. As usual we had our mommy & baby class, so I ended up strapping Noah to me in the Ergobaby, grabbed my back-breakingly huge purse, an umbrella and left.

I'm really glad I brought an umbrella because it was pouring rain and my hair was really cute, but what's better is that Noah loved seeing the world through my clear umbrella.

If you have a baby that can still be worn in a carrier, buy a clear umbrella and go walking in the rain! It was so fun to watch him enjoy the world from a watery and blurry point of view. He was twisting, turning, laughing and trying to see everything, it was really adorable.

What do you do when you get home from a yucky rainy day? Crank up the heat and music and have a boots & diapers dance party of course!

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