Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Bananas and Banishing Diaper Rash

Did you know that bananas smell almost the same going in your baby as they do coming out? Just a little bit of hump day trivia for you. I didn't have to rinse poop off anything or anybody yesterday because the reign of the runny poops is over. So I danced a little a jig. I tried to do the Moonwalk but failed miserably and settled for a jig.

I am going to go right ahead and pat Brendan and I on the back, because after all of the hoopla of the last week, the baby is still alive! It wasn't achieved without battle scars, however. For the first time today, I saw wrinkles on my face. I'm kinda in denial about it though, so I'm going to chalk it up to a lack of water intake.

Anyway, now that I have some diaper rash experience under my belt, I would like to share my tried and tested techniques, and ultimate secret weapon:

1. Check baby's diaper often, change as needed. Be gentle.

2. Make sure all rashy parts are bone dry before applying cream.

3. Apply Vaseline on top of the cream.

The key is to use a cream with as much zinc in it as possible. Zinc forms a barrier against wetness, so you want ALL the zinc. Boudreaux's Maximum Strength Butt Paste is a miracle worker! It's got a whopping 40% zinc content, while most have well under 20%.

Noah's tiny bum went from having sores to pretty much immaculate within a few hours. It doesn't smell great, comes in an ugly red box with a creepy baby on it, and the actual cream is a weird light brown colour, but it works miracles. Use it.

I love that I have an answer now! I'm a real mommy with field experience, and it feels good.