Monday, January 6, 2014

Home Sweet Home

Happy 2014 everybody! We're back in the Emerald City (although I don't actually know anyone who calls it that), and starting to get back into the swing of things. Noah's taller, faster, and behaving more like a big boy every day. He loves to give hugs and get kisses, and reach things in the house that he couldn't before we left.

I'm really sorry about going missing from the blogosphere, but I'm finally back. Canada was wonderful as usual, but there really is nothing like being home. Strange that Seattle is home now. Seeing our family and friends was so great and it was heartbreaking to leave. That part doesn't seem to get easier.

Noah was ah-may-zing on the plane ride there and back. The trip home though, was a bit more taxing because our flight was delayed twice for over two hours. When we landed, the strollers weren't waiting for us like they usually are. So all of us travelling with children had to wait some more on top of all the delays. The captain and co-pilot personally brought them in though, so that was pretty cool.

We got back to our house just after 3am, and I had stupidly scheduled a cake smash photo shoot for Noah's first birthday at 10am later that morning. I was able to re-schedule for 12:30, but we still had to bake a cake, make sure the baby wasn't a crankypotamus, and unpack. This was done on almost no sleep (Brendan) and abdominal pains (me).

It got done, however, and I guess you could say we are pretty proud. Here's a sneak peek from Small Human's in studio session:

Happy Monday! Here's to a fabulous new year!

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