Tuesday, January 7, 2014

No Prob, Bob

I know that I have spoken about Noah's aversion to solid foods before, but I am happy to announce that he no longer gags and vomits! This does not of course mean that he likes everything necessarily, and if he feels uncomfortable with something in his mouth, he knows how to remove it now.

It's a big step though, and I no longer feel like my baby is limited in some way. He even kinda uses his spoon! Sort of. Okay maybe I'm jumping the gun, but he's making the connection. He's also getting the hang of cups, which impressed us because we didn't teach him how to, he just started doing it on his own.

My Small Human is turning one next week, which opens the door to drinking whole milk and no more formula! I think I will cook him a special breakfast of pancakes and organic sausage that morning. *sniff sniff* My baby is growing up.

Anyway, the lesson I have learned from this is to never give up, just keep trying if your baby is having trouble with something. Also, try to ignore the 8000 different pieces of advice you might get and go with your gut and what your pediatrician advises. Less stress that way! 

By the way, last year today was Noah's due date, but he thought he'd stay warm for another 9 days. I don't blame him, poor winter baby!

Chowing down on tomato Lil' Crunchies and string cheese

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