Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Grin and Bear it

When you're a new mom, you're often offered the advice and wise words of veteran moms. Most of the time it's welcome, but sometimes you just want to tell people to shut their pie holes.

Newer moms are going through things for the very first time, our reactions are organic to what's happening in the moment. When things are hard and frustrating, we have the right to complain. We don't always want to be told that we still have it easy before the terrible twos, or to "just wait until you have more, it gets worse". Thank you so much for helping, but you're not helping.

Right now, I'm in the "screams when mommy goes to the bathroom" phase. It's really quite darling. It's gotten so bad that I now hold my pee in until my bladder feels like a bruised, over inflated balloon. I used to laugh at those internet memes about parents not being able to go to the bathroom alone. It is slightly less amusing now, I just want some privacy thankyouverymuch.

Here's why: I went into the bathroom this morning. I let Small Human follow me in. He steals the tampon I was about to use. He leaves the bathroom. I close the door so he can't do it again. He starts screaming like I've just been murdered, throwing his little body against the door. He hits his head. Gah. What a nice start to the morning.

This only happens about 7 times a day. I'm pretty certain I have some minor hearing loss. The best part is, Brendan can go to the bathroom alone. Noah just looks at him like this is perfectly normal.

I will mostly likely laugh about this and talk about it fondly in the future. Right now I just wanna rip my ears off my head in frustration.

One day, I will pee once more in peace, alone, and without an audience or someone having a Marlon Brando moment about it.

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