Monday, January 20, 2014


Noah's first birthday party took place at our house this past Saturday, and I think he enjoyed it! He schmoozed, he giggled with everyone, tried to steal all their phones (adults) and toys (babies).

I think the true measure of a successful baby party is if the guest of honour never bursts into tears of agony over anything at all, and our Small Human never did! Even when all the attention was on him while we sang happy birthday, my attention hog just lapped up the adoration happily.

I was such a stressball an hour before the party though, but I was fine once people started arriving. It's not like judges from a reality tv show were coming to rip apart my party planning skills. I had invited our friends who would've been happy if we had nothing but McCain Deep 'n Delicious Cake (I think this is a Canadians only reference) and water. As predicted, Noah didn't care about the decorations, he cared about the people and dancing to the music.

What Was on the Menu:

mini quiche lorraine & florentine
garlic hummus & toasted pita chips with sea salt
spinach and artichoke dip with carrots & celery
mustache sugar cookies with blue almond frosting
red velvet cake pops
Mum-Mums for the babies
Strawberry Happy Puffs
Ella's Kitchen pouches
funfetti birthday cake!


Lemon Perrier
Red Chair Pale Ale
Organic Whole Milk

The theme was loosely circus based, focused on shades of blue and red with accents of golden yellow. I love seeing all the little details come into fruition, that's my favourite part of party planning. I didn't want to go too crazy with giant posters of Noah everywhere, since it was a very small gathering, and also I already went the narcissistic route with his face on the invites and the stamps. We used sustainable bamboo forks, paper straws, and mason jars for drinks instead of paper or plastic cups.

We had favours for the babies as well as the adults. I had personalized wood teething rings made for each baby, wrapped in red and white chevron and sealed with mustache stickers (of course). For the grownups I made mini mason jars containing oatmeal chocolate chip cookie mix with a recipe tag.

A million thanks to everyone who came and made Noah's first birthday a wonderful one! It wouldn't have been wonderful without you. As promised, here are some pics of the party:

"Bow ties are cool"
Prince Sweet Cheeks

We're totally doing a photo booth next year, just cause of this picture of Steve!
Banner de Noah

Wood teething ring with train design and cake smash photo
Oatmeal chocolate chip mix mini mason jar favours, chevron bags containing the teethers

Noah stamps :)

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